Garden Route

Annabellas Blog, eine Fotofreundin von mir. Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt, was für coole Motive Sie entdeckt und in Szene setzt. Besonders hat es mir der Dornenzweig angetan, für mich ein absolutes Hammerbild!

Der Dornenzweig ist im Originalartikel zu finden, also den unten stehenden Link nutzen.

Chain Right & Good Light

Gardenroute is probably the most famous touristic route in South Africa. But still it is very beautiful and we did not meet too many tourists on our tour. The main attraction is nature and I really love it.

So we went to Tsitsikama Nationalpark and stayed the night near the forest. It is awesome how many stars you can see if there is not much lightpollution around. Even there was fullmoon and I cannot imagine how many more you see at newmoon…

If you travel slowely you can discover the little beauties of nature. This is what I like with cycling, you are slow enough not missing all the details. With a bike you can cover more km as by walking and in addition it is very healthy!

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